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OraSoothe is a hydrogel wound dressing approved by the FDA for use in the oral cavity.


Specifically, OraSoothe is designed for the relief of oral mucositis and stomatitis. It is also approved for the relief of all other injuries and lesions of the oral cavity. The gel adheres to and protects injured tissues from further irritation and contamination. It also begins immediately to relieve pain, without numbness, and provides an environment conducive to optimal healing.


OraSoothe contains no drugs; it consists of a proprietary blend of all natural polysaccharides (mannans) and essential oils. The gel binds positive ions at the site of injury and inhibits their entry into nerve cells, preventing initiation of the pain impulse without causing the numb sensation characteristic of anaesthetics. Its natural preservative system inhibits growth of all oral microbial pathogens implicated in dental caries, periodontitis, candidiasis, streptococcal pharyngitis, infective endocarditis and other pathological conditions. Bacterial growth on ulcerated tissues is a major contributor to the pain and morbidity of oral mucositis. However OraSoothe is non – toxic and gentle to injured tissues. In addition, OraSoothe supplies nutrients that are utilized by cells involved in the wound healing process. OraSoothe thus provides an environment that promotes optimal healing as well as pain relief.


Because OraSoothe does not contain any toxic drugs it may be used as often as needed with no restrictions. It is safe for individuals of all ages. Orasoothe may be used regardless of medical condition, or pharmaceutical, diet or dietary supplement regimen. No adverse side effects are expected with its use.


Keep OraSoothe in the fridge as it gives added relief when served chilled.


Enough Gel to cover the affected areas should be swished around the mouth for about 10 seconds, and then swallowed. Eating, drinking, tooth brushing, rinsing etc., will require reapplication of OraSoothe